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Choosing an epitaph for your memorial stone

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Memorializing our lost loved ones can be a painful time. Choosing the best way to honor their lives can take time to process. Once you have chosen a the material for your garden memorial eg stone or stainless steel, you have to decide what to write on it. Ordinarily people opt for the name and dates of life of the dear one that has passed on. In addition to the pertinent information, you may want to include an epitaph, or small phrase, that will help those that pass by to know the life better.

What is an epitaph:

An epitaph is a brief message written to describe the person who has passed on. These phrases may be a portion of a poem, a scripture verse, or words sewn together by a member of the family. While at one time, more distinct people had very lengthy and lofty epitaphs inscribed on their tombstones, most people stick with something simple.

What should it contain:

When considering what phrase will best describe the life of your loved one to coming generations, taking your time is important. This message will be burned in the minds of those who read it, and should reflect the individual’s life.

If the one who has gone on before was revered as a religious individual, consider etching a scripture verse they held dear. Maybe your loved one was an avid reader and a quote from a favourite author would be appropriate. A short poem could beautifully describe the life that lies under the stone.

Examples of epitaphs:


  • Dear Savior, when I languish,

And lay me down to die,

O, send a little angel

To bear me to the sky

  • I love thee

And thy dear thought thrills

Each fibre of my frame

  • Parting now and parting ever,

Life is but a parting scene

  • I must leave these rounds of pleasure,

Leave friends, so truly dear.


  • Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on- Revelation 14:13
  • Whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord- Romans 14:8
  • A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth -Ecclesiastes 7:1


  • There is rest for us in heaven
  • Remember last but not least your friend
  • When this you see remember me

Whatever epitaph you choose for your loved one, it will serve as a lasting memory for years to come.

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