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Football Club Digs Up Memorial To Father

The place you scatter your loved one’s ashes is a place that you will cherish. It certainly isn’t a place you want to see it ripped up. That is exactly what happened to Matthew Peleszok when the Shrewsbury Town Football Club uprooted the garden he scattered ashes in.

Football Club Digs Up Land

The football club started new construction that Peleszok says was the land where he scattered his father’s ashes. The football club says that they didn’t think that was the location that was used for his memorial.

Officially, the spokesperson said that they thought the memorial area was somewhere else on the land. Peleszok says the he knows the spot well where there was a memorial bench and plaque for his father.

Club Offers Peleszok Apology

At this point, all they can do is offer a sincere apology for the mix up. It is very sad for Peleszok to see this place turn up that he had often visited to after the death of his father.

In October of 2012, Peleszok asked the club if he could scatter his dad’s ashes on the pitch of the field. They said that was not possible, but gave him a the choice of spreading the ashes in a garden that he could use as a memorial.

There were about 20 different trees and herbs in the garden. He made the memorial near a cherry tree.

He Wasn’t The Only One That Scattered Ashes

In addition to his father, he knew there were others that had scattered the ashes of their loved ones. He said there were other trees that had amber ribbons wrapped around them and cards.

Not only did the club rip up his memorial, but the other families’ memorials as well.

The Club Claims They Didn’t Know About the Spreading of Remains

There seemed to be conflicting reports among former club members and the active spokesperson in regards to being aware that people were using the garden to spread their loved one’s remains.

Spokesman, Mr. Edwards, says that they weren’t aware of this practice until someone posted it on Facebook. He says the club plans to reach out to all of the families that are affected by the destruction and see if they can help.

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