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Memorialised in Scrabble

garden headstone scrabble memorial

When you lose a loved one, it can be difficult to know how to memorialise them in a way that you can feel proud of. There are many different things that can be done to show the world just how much that person meant to you. Having a bespoke Memorial stone engraved is a typical way in which to share with others about the passing life. Here is a unique spin on a traditional way to memorialize someone that has gone on ahead of you.

Unique Take on a Stone Garden Memorial:

In the picture above, you can see an interesting take on a traditional way of remembering a person that has passed on before. Through a scrabble board replica, this individual has been honoured with words scattered across the board. Each word brings meaning to the person this individual represents to those that loved him. While you might do a double take at this picture and question how reverent it is for a lost life, consider how much you know about Paul Lind. With these short descriptive words of this man, you will walk away with a greater understanding of who he was and what part he played here on earth. This take on an epitaph gave the family a way to creatively express their loved one.

Consider What to Write on a Bespoke memorial stone:

Whether you chose to go with a scrabble board memorial stone, or have something else written on the stone, spend some time thinking about the way in which you want to honour your loved one. If a scrabble board theme is not what would best suit the person you are memorialising, then maybe just a handful of descriptive words on the epitaph is a good idea. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to form full sentences that share your love for the person that has passed away. Using a few descriptive words or phrases that can provide a simple way to show the world what that person meant to you.

Remember the Purpose:

In the midst of your grief it can be hard to remember what the purpose of an epitaph is. This small stone monument is to serve as a way for those that walk by to remember your lost loved one. The words that grace the garden memorial do not have to be eloquent or perfect to describe the soul. A few short thoughts can serve as a great memory of your loved one.


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