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Are Memorial Stones just there to commemorate someone who has passed away?

garden memorial stone living

garden memorial stone living

Memorial stones are a precious way to remember a loved one that has gone on before. Keeping the memories alive through engraved words can bring comfort and peace to the heart. Another great use for memorial stones is to honor the living. While the concept may seem interesting to begin with, there are many appropriate ways that a bespoke stone can be used to honor the ones you love, both alive and gone. For example, in Lustleigh, England, the May Day Stone is engraved to honor the May Queens. What an incredible idea to bless someone you love while they can enjoy it now.

Reasons to Use a Memorial Stone For The Living:

There are many great reasons to have a memorial stone engraved for those that are living. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Birth- as a way of celebrating the birth of a child, you can have a stone engraved with the child’s name.  Many people honour their children with charms worn around the neck. An engraved stone to place in the garden is a brilliant way to bring beauty to the earth and comfort to the soul.

  • Anniversary- in celebrating a significant anniversary, a bespoke memorial stone can be a huge honor to the couple who receives it. Blessing your parents with such a gift would be a way to remember the event for years to come.

  • Birthday- when celebrating someone’s birthday, and engraved memorial stone would make for a unique gift. It might be good to bestow this honor on a child who is coming of age.

  • A significant event – starting of a new life such as moving home, setting up a business, even a resolution carved into stone.

This is just a few of the ways that you can honor those that you love with engraved stones.

What to Write on the Stone:

Deciding what to write on the stone will depend on who you are giving the gift to, and the occasion that you are celebrating. For the birth of a child a name and a birthday would be an appropriate thing to write. For the anniversary of a couple that has been married for a lengthy period of time, engraving the number of years they are celebrating is a good idea. When thinking of what to write on a memorial stone, brief phrases is all that are necessary. You can get your idea across with a few simple words.

Whomever you choose to honour an engraved memorial stone with, is sure to be humbled at the thought. There are so many ways to honour those that we love, and an bespoke stone is one of those ways.


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