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Turning furniture in a garden memorial bench

memorial garden funiture

memorial garden funiture

When someone you love passes away, the pain of loss can be very difficult. It is true that with time you will begin to feel healing, but the scars will always be there. One of the ways to complete the mourning process is to memorialize your loved one. The way you chose to remember them will give you peace and closure. There are many different ways you can build a memorial to the one who has gone on before. Building a bench out of a piece of furniture that once belonged to your loved one and placing it in a memorial garden is a perfect way to remember them.

What Kind of Furniture Can Be Converted One of the most popular pieces of furniture that can be converted into a bench for a memorial garden is a headboard/footboard set or a crib. With these pieces of wood, you can create a back and seat to the bench. The wood from a door could be turned into a bench, or possibly a wooden table could be converted. If you are not skilled enough to turn a piece of furniture into a memorial bench, you can find someone that works with wood to guide you. By turning a piece of furniture that belonged to your loved one into a memorial bench, the bench will have greater meaning to you.

What to do With the Memorial Bench Once you have created the bench from a piece of furniture that once belonged to your loved one, figuring out what to do with it is the next challenge. You can easily use the bench in a memorial garden. Placing the bench in a shady location would ensure the most use out of the piece. If you do not have the space for a memorial garden, the bench could be placed somewhere in your home.

Finding Closure Through Memorials When you find a way to incorporate the memory of your lost loved one into your life, you are on your way to bringing peace to your life. There is no way for you to forget about the person you love, and you wouldn’t want to forget, either. Instead, finding a way to embrace those memories gives you the freedom to live your life without the guilt of being left behind. However you chose to remember the one who has passed on, take your time to decide on the ways. Memorializing that person is part of the road to healing.

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