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Garden Memorial Stepping Stones

garden memorial stepping stones

garden memorial stepping stones

There comes a day for all of us, when we lose someone that we hold very dear to our hearts. When that times comes, memorialising that individual can seem like a daunting task. Take comfort in knowing that they will always be with you in spirit. Through creating a memorial garden, you will have a serene place that you can go and remember them. Mapping out and creating a beautiful area of garden beds as a way of acknowledging the passing life, can bring peace and closure to your heart. Another wonderful way of adding to a memorial garden scene is to put down memorial stepping stones. These unique stones will give those that enter your garden a sense of the one who is being remembered.

 Garden Memorial Stepping Stones:

Memorial garden stepping stones are generally made of natural stone or cast concrete in the shape of something that reminds you of the one who has gone on ahead of you. Before picking out the stones that will best suit you, consider what the purpose of the stones are. Decide whether you are planning to use them as only ornamental or as a functional part of the garden. The style of stepping stones you choose will be determined by where you are planning to place them.  

How to Customize the Stepping Stones:

These concrete stones can be personalized with a word or phrase that represents the lost loved one. You could choose to have the stepping stones cast in a design of something your loved one cherished. Whatever you think of when you are celebrating the life of that person, would make for a good stepping stone. The use of a bespoke stepping stone brings even more individuality to your memorial garden.

You can customise natural stone, they look beautiful but getting words inscribed can be quite pricey.

Placement of the Stones:

When thinking about where to place a bespoke stepping stone, there are some things to keep in mind. Decide if you would like the stones to be functional and stepped on as they are intended. You can line a path in the garden between flower beds with the stones surrounded by small rocks or mulch. 

Keep in mind the purpose of your memorial garden and why you are choosing to place stepping stones in and around the flower beds. This garden is for you and your family to find a place of peace to remember your loved one who has passed on. There is no right answer in how to create a space that is designed to give you rest.



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