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Living Garden Memorials

living stone memorials

living stone memorials

When the time has come to honour a passed on loved one, there can be many ways in which to do this. Whether you have established a memorial garden, spread their ashes out to see, hold funeral services, or create a living memorial, you will be able to find closure in these memorials. Each of these ways of remembering offer their own special way for you to celebrate the passing life. A living memorial can be a unique way to allow your loved one’s legacy to live on.

Living Memorial Stone:

Living Memorial Stones are small square plaques that have the named of the loved one written on them, along with birth and death dates. These stones can also have a small phrase engraved under the pertinent information to the one being remembered. You can choose to write the way in which your loved one passed on, or a word of encouragement to describe their lives. Often times, these stones are placed in poured concrete on sidewalks, in memorial parks, in front of buildings, or in your memorial garden. The purpose of these stones are to give the passerby a quick bit of information about your loved one, so that their legacy can live on. As people pass by, they will be given an impression that will stick out in their minds about the person that you cared for.

Living Memorial Garden:

Living Memorial Gardens are a place that house flowers, trees, and benches for people to visit. Memorial stones can be attached to trees, benches, inlaid in concrete, or other placed in other parts of the garden. Having these stones represented in a memorial garden allows those that visit the area to understand the unique value of the spot. Public memorial gardens is a great way for a community to honour loved ones that have fallen victim of war, crimes, widespread illness, or natural disasters. Areas like this can bring mourning families together in a place of serenity.

Most people want to be sure that their loved ones have not gone unforgotten by the world. That their short blip of time on this earth has in some way been recognized by future generations. Creating living memorial stones and placing them in public locations is sure to help the world be reminded of the precious lost souls.

Here is a link to the living stone memorial project

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