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Make your own Garden Memorial Stone

make your own memorial stone

make your own memorial stone

When a loved one passes on, it can take your breath away. Most often, it is not something that you see coming or have time to prepare for. When this tragic time takes place in your life, you can be left feeling lost. It is important that in this moment, you give yourself the time it takes to process your losses. When you come to a point where you feel that you can memorialize your loved one, consider making your own garden stone for a memorial garden. This is a creative way that you can express your love for the one who has passed on.

Memorial Garden Stone:

A memorial garden stone is a great way to remember your loved one. These small stones can be made of natural rock and engraved, or you can choose to make you own out of cement. You will need to purchase a small bag of cement mix and use a shaped pan for the mold. The best thing about making you own memorial garden stone is that you can put as much creativity into the project as you desire. When you look at these stones, you will be reminded even more of your love for the one who has passed on before you.  

What to Write:

When you make your own memorial stone, you can easily choose the words or symbols to write into the cement. Pick small words or concepts that will describe the one you love. Not only are words a good choice, but you can also choose to put a picture representation of something that reminds you of your loved one. It is a good idea to use small cookie cutters to write the words or imprint pictures into the cement. This will leave a smooth finish on the top.

Where to Put it:

Before you decide where you want to put the stones, think about what the purpose of the stones are. Will they be functional stones that you are comfortable walking on? If not, place the stones in garden beds where they can be prominently viewed. However many stones you make, they will add beauty and remembrance to your memorial garden.

It is best not to stress about honoring your loved one. Give yourself the time necessary to deal with your losses before tackling a project.

We are not taking credit for this we got the idea here – which has a lot of detail instructions:

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