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Where to put your garden memorial stone?

placing garden stone memorial

placing garden stone memorial

Memorializing a loved one can bring closure and peace to your soul. When you are choosing the best location for a memorial stone in a garden, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you chose a good place.


It is important to remember your purpose of the memorial garden. This will be a place that you can go to take refuge, for solace and quite reflection.  Or somewhere to blend in.


Take some time to plan out what kinds of flowers or plants that you will place in the garden. Map out on a piece of paper where you would like to see these plants located. Decide if you are going to have a bench of some form or a place in which you can sit and ponder. Choose some plant life that will be green even in the winter months, so that you have a beautiful place all year round (eg Helleborus the Winter Rose).


The main reason behind a memorial garden is to have a place in which to set up a memorial stone, tree, bench, or something that will bring about the memories of the one you loved. It can seem hard to decide the best place to place the memorial. The best idea is to keep the items you choose to memorialise your loved one in a prominent location. It would be good to make it the centerpiece of the garden. Try to put it in a place that it can be seen from anywhere that you are standing.

These are just suggestion to help you get started on creating a memorial garden that you can retreat to on lonely days or at times when you need to contemplate. There really is no right or wrong way to set up an area that represents your love for a person that has passed on before. Stay positive and creative when planning out your memorial garden.

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