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What to plant in your Memorial Garden – Perennials

plants for a memorial garden

What to plant in your Memorial Garden – Perennials

What to plant in your Memorial Garden – Perennials. At some point in the grieving process there will come a time when you are able to begin thinking toward ways in which you can memorialise that precious life. If you choose to create a memorial garden, planting perennials is a special way to keep your garden flowing with memories and beauty.

What is a Perennial?

A perennial is a type of flower that grows each year on its own, you don’t need to  replant every time. These flowers bloom during their particular season and afterwards they die off.  They lay dormant in the ground until the next season. It is just amazing to see these flowers spring up a new life each year without anybody doing anything.

When you see these plants coming through the surface of the ground you will be stunned. What a wonderful way to mark the anniversary of the passing of your loved one. This is a simple way to remind yourself of the person you love.

Which perennials should you choose?

There are many different perennials out there that can be planted in your memorial garden. It is best to choose plants that grow well in your specific area. You can purchase these flowers from local shops that sell plants that have been harvested from farms nearby. Otherwise, here is a quick list of a few flowers you can consider:

  • Alstroemeria- these flowers are a variety of colours such as deep purple, orange or yellow with flecks of beautiful colours.
  • Coneflower- also referred to as Echinacea, comes in colours such as bright pink, yellow, and orange reds.
  • Lavender- this beautiful purple flower gives off incredible fragrance and can be cut and used for purposes within your home.
  • Gloriosa Daisy- nice and yellow with deep black centres, the make for nice floral arrangements within the home.

This is not an exhaustive list of the types of perennials by any means you can look into, but a great place to get started.

Where to Plant the Flowers?

When you are building a memorial garden, it is important to plant the flowers in a place that you will see them the best. Flowers that have been planted specifically in honour of your lost loved one should be put on display. When choosing the best place for perennials, it is wise to put a marker near the spot the flowers were planted as it can be very easy to forget they are there from season to season. A bespoke memorial stone would be the perfect solution to that problem.

Anywhere you choose to plant your flowers is acceptable as long as you put them in a place you will enjoy them the most. When mapping out a memorial garden, try to stay flexible as the flowers will often grow larger than you expect. Give each plant a good amount of space and when putting in perennials, allow even larger room to grow. Create something beautiful that gives you joy and helps you to remember in a positive way.

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