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How to Create a Veteran’s Memorial Garden

Phoenix Memorial Garden cares about your family and the loss that you have experienced with the passing of your loved one. We are here to walk you through a memorial garden as you grieve and work through the pain associated with such a difficult loss.
If your loved one was in the military, then you could design a garden for them that would both honor them and showcase their service in the military. You just have to find the right place and think through what would be both fitting to celebrate their life and beautiful in the space that you have set aside for the memorial garden.

3 Tips to create your veteran memorial garden include:

1. Select the location
Figure out how much space you have for your veteran’s memorial garden and select the spot to place it. Once you have made that decision, then you can select the right plants that will thrive based on how much sun you will get there.

2. Purchase the plants
Since you are setting up a memorial garden, you may want to consider buying plants that are red, white, and blue. Don’t let those colors lock you in and steal your creativity though. Be sure that the garden celebrates the loved one that you miss. Pick out plants that will be enjoyable to see and that they would perhaps have liked too.

3. Include a memorial tribute
Since you are honoring a veteran, perhaps you can use a rock and paint the flag on it. Maybe you can put a little flag on a stick in the area that would resemble the country the served so well. You could include their dog tags if you have them and even consider a cross to represent them and their service.

Phoenix Memorial Garden wants to be there for you as you design and set up your veteran memorial garden or some other style too. We care for your needs, the grief that you are experiencing, and want to help you through this difficult time. Let us know how we can serve you best and just know we are here to be a listening ear at any time.

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