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Garden memorials keeping someone close

idea for garden memorial

idea for garden memorial

Francis Raymond lost her dear sweet husband Jean-Francois. Each year she and her sons and their families make a day of remembering the sweet man that has passed on. Every year they chose a location that Jean would have enjoyed visiting out of respect for him. Unlike past celebrations, this year they are staying at the home where Francis lives on account of the newest grandchild having been born. She has a small, peaceful memorial garden that she created in memory of Jean.

What is a Memorial Garden:

A memorial garden is a quiet space that you put together in honour of a loved one that has passed on before. It is a spot where you are able to plant flowers that mean something to you and place relics that remind you of the precious life that is no longer with you. This is a place where you invest yourself in memory of your loved one. Francis considers her memorial garden to be as near to heaven as she can get.

What Did She Put in Her Memorial Garden:

Francis had the amazing ability to put a marvelous slate stone that was built by Gary Breeze and her late husband. What a precious thing to have moved to the memorial garden where she is able to remember her loved one every day. Flowers that reseed themselves line the gravel pathways through the memorial garden. It is a serene environment where she can go to retreat from the cares of this world and remember her soulmate.

Paying Tribute Through Memorials:

It is part of the healing process to pay tribute to your loved one through memorials and services. Some people chose to place their relics, bespoke headstones, and other ways of honouring the life that has passed on in different areas. Francis feels that not everyone is best suited to being remembered in a graveyard or church cemetery. Some souls are so free-spirited that they are best paid tribute to by organic ways of remembrance. Her memorial garden has provided a wonderful place for her to heal and celebrate the life of her dear husband.

If you are dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one, creating a memorial garden is a good place to start in saying goodbye.

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