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How to Prepare a Memorial Service

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When your loved one dies, you want to find a way to honour them that you can be proud of. Putting together a memorial service is mentally taxing, but worth every bit of the emotional drain.

Here are some things you need to consider when putting together a memorial service.

Determine Who Will Speak At the Memorial Service

There can be as many or as few people who speak at the memorial service as you choose. It is best to pick someone that feels confident in being able to hold it together while they speak.

Many people choose to have a minister or clergyman to lead the service. These individuals have experience to put together scripture and comforting words.

A lot of families like to have close friend or a member of the family say a few words about the loved one. That is a good idea if there is someone that is willing to speak.

Decide If You Want to Play a Song

Your loved one may have had a favorite hymn or song that would be appropriate to honour their passing. If you have someone that can sing the song during the service, that would be great. Otherwise, you can play a recording or ask an instrumentalist to play it.

Pick A Favorite Scripture Or Poem

If your loved one had a favorite scripture or poem that can be read, ask someone to read it during the service. This might be a good thing for a family member that wants to be a part of the service, but feels too nervous to speak about something personal.

Ask Someone to Write The Obituary

Writing the obituary for your own family member can be quite taxing. Some people choose to ask a close friend to help them. Others feel that this a way to feel closure and say goodbye.

This obituary can be printed in a program and handed out at the memorial service. Many people choose to put a picture of their loved one on the program.

When you are putting together a memorial service, it is important to remember that this is a time where you and others will come together to remember your loved one. It will be overwhelming and you need support of your friends and clergymen to help you get through the process.

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