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Ideas for Incorporating Rocks into Your Garden Memorials

Phoenix Garden Memorials wants to be there for you as you grieve the loss of a loved one. We know how important it is to family members to have a beautiful memorial to their loved one. One popular way to beautify a memorial for your loved one is to incorporate rocks into your garden memorial. Not only is this a lovely addition to a garden space, it is typically inexpensive too.

Rock Options to Consider

There are many types of rocks and lots of formations that you would add to your memorial. We have come up with a list that you may want to consider as you think of your loved one that has passed away. Consider the following types:

  1. Stepping Stones

You can use stepping stones to lead up to your memorial garden space. Maybe you could select a shape or design that makes you think of the deceased person. You can add color or texture as you like and make it more custom in appearance.

  1. Painted Rocks

Often a painted rock is a way to add color to your memorial garden. You could use the person’s name that you are trying to build the memorial around or even phrases and special words that make you think of them.

  1. Garden Fountains

One way that you could add a special touch with rocks is to use them to build a fountain. Gardens often have a fountain both for the ambiance and beauty that it brings to the space. Memorials that include such a display are quite attractive.

Phoenix Garden Memorials believes that remembering the person that you lost is an important part of the healing process. Memorials are an excellent way to do just that.  We make ourselves available to you as you heal and want to help you with making a memorial that will be a touching memory in honor of dear family member or friend.

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