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Do Plants Evoke Memories?

We know that there are many things that can evoke memories. It could be everything from music, to smells, to sites, but what about plants? If you spend time in your memorial garden, will it eventually evoke memories?

Emotional Experiences Associated With Plants

If you spend much time outside, I think that you can summize that certain landscapes bring about different emotions. Ultimately, our emotions make up the memories that we have.

Have you ever sat in a wooded area near a babbling brook? If you have, then you will have felt serene. If you spend time in an elaborate garden, you are likely going to feel energized by the beauty.

Creating Serenity in Your Memorial Garden

When you are creating a memorial garden, usually you want to make it a serene place to spend your time. Each one of us have different emotions that are evoked when we see landscapes.

If you are planning to develop a serene memorial garden, then you should determine which landscapes evoke the memory in you. Before mapping out and planting your garden, it would be good for you to spend time in different gardens.

By allowing yourself to visit gardens and plant areas, you will be able to determine the best plan for your memorial.

Choosing The Right Scents

As we discussed, certain scents can evoke memories in you. If you can, plant fragrant bushes and flowers that will remind you of times with your loved one. While these scents will not be available all year, in season you can enjoy it.

Pick a Garden Memorial

In your garden, you should have a memorial that can be engraved in honor of your loved one. This will help to add to the memories that you build. The right memorial will add to the landscape and help you to feel connected with the one that has gone ahead of you.

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