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Sensory Memorial Gardens – 3 Ways You Can Use Sensory Plants

Sensory Memorial Gardens

Sensory Memorial Gardens

Sensory Memorial Gardens. A sensory memorial garden can be created to remind you of a loved one lost. Your garden should stimulate your senses and bring back memories that will comfort you and give you a space to heal. Here are three tips to help you create a personal space to remember those special people.

Stimulate Multiple Senses

When planning your garden think about the person lost and include plants that remind you of special times. Your memorial garden can become a natural alternative for your mind and body to heal, gain strength and relax. Here are some ideas for you to consider when making your own memorial garden.

1. Smell  

Your sense of smell can trigger strong emotions. Choose plants or herbs that have strong scents and trigger your memories. Consider the favorite flower of the person you’re missing, a scent from your wedding flowers, or a favorite perfume or cologne. Herbs and plants like lavender and rosemary can soothe anxiety or depression and boost the immune system. Honeysuckle or lilacs can trigger the excitement of spring coming soon.

2. Taste  

Edible plants can give you the opportunity to remember food shared with others and the goodness of nature. Herbs, spices, and fruit or vegetable bearing plants can be used. Picking sun-ripened berries and tomatoes or other vegetables give the opportunity to taste nature at its very best, a happy reminder of food shared.

3. Sound  

To stimulate your hearing, listen to the sound of a wind chime or the wind as it passes through bamboo stems. Seed pods can rattle and add interesting sounds. Encourage wildlife to come to your garden area. The sound of bees, birds, and crickets chirping can bring back memories of walking trails, fishing, or camping in the woods with your lost loved one.

Your memorial garden can be as simple as a window shelf, planters or be a large open area. Include comfortable seating in your memorial garden area so you can relax and enjoy spending time there. As your plants grown and change, your body can grow, heal and change with them.

We’re Here For You

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