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Should I bury ashes in my garden?

Should I bury ashes in the garden?

Should I bury ashes in my garden?

Well my answer would probably be no I’m afraid. I don’t mean to be difficult and at the end of the day if you own the land you have the right to bury your loved one’s ashes in your garden. Only you will know what is the right thing for you and your family. So as long as you own and don’t rent the property and/or land then legally no one can stop you.

But I think there are couple of things to consider when burying ashes in the garden. Firstly, and most importantly, are you and future generations going to stay at the house? If not, are you happy to leave the ashes at the property if you have to move? Will future generations want to visit the site and if so how will they gain access? If you don’t want to leave them at the property are you happy to dig them up?

We are a green-fingered nation and love our gardens so placing your loved ones ashes in the garden is a fabulous way to remember them. Sitting in a sunny spot and being able to feel close to the departed is very comforting. Many people who have lost a keen gardener feel that keeping their ashes in an urn indoors doesn’t feel right, as one lovely lady said;

“Fred would have hated being cooped up inside, he loved his garden and I know he would have wanted to be out there”.

What if I don’t want to leave the ashes behind when I move?

There is another way.

You can put your loved one’s ashes into a garden memorial. This means that you can put it securely in your garden and enjoy if for as long as you want. But, if you ever have to move home you can simply put the garden memorial in the removals van with all your other furniture. You can take it to your next house. You can even pass it on to future generations so that your loved one will never be forgotten. And once you have bought a garden memorial there are no more payments required for it’s upkeep to a Crematoria or Garden of Remembrance.

You can put them into traditional garden ornaments such as Sundials, Birdbaths, Planters or Urns. Or there are more contemporary stainless steel, bronze or stoneware sculptures that will safely hold one or more sets of ashes.

Whatever you chose you can be certain that the ashes will be securely held and safe from the elements. If you wish to let others know that ashes are inside the ornament that is up to you but they are completely discreet. You can add a small plaque to many designs if you wish.

Can garden memorials hold more than one set of ashes?

The simple answer is yes. Look for companion garden urns. These will hold two sets of ashes. We have traditional and modern designs that will hold two or more sets of ashes, we even have a design that will hold five sets!

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