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Should You Have an Evergreen Garden or Seasonal?

Many people ask us whether or not they should plant an evergreen memorial garden or go with seasonal plants. There are a few ways that you can approach your plan for a garden to honour your loved one.

Plant Seasonal Flowers

It can be refreshing to map out your garden each and every year with a variety of new plants. With each passing year, you can spend time on planning out in detail the different look that you are going for.

There are benefits to this type of garden. First, you will get a chance to express your creativity each year. Second, you are able to dedicate more time in your memorial garden. It can be a great way to remember your loved one.

Plant An Evergreen Garden

For a garden that doesn’t take as much time, an evergreen garden can be a good way to go. This would be a landscape that is mostly made up of trees and bushes. This can be a great solution if you do not have that much time to dedicate to tending it.

Some people prefer this type of garden, because it allows them to keep the same look all year long. There can be something very calming to have the same experience every time you enter your space.

Map Out a Variety

It can also be a great idea to go with a variety in your area. You can plant evergreens that will always be there no matter the season. Then go back in and accent with flowers that will bloom during different times of the year.

If you are looking for a garden that is a bit more low maintenance, but has seasonal flowers, then plant perennials. These flowers will come back from year to year without you having to re-plant.

What is your perfect garden memorial plan? Do you like to have evergreen? A mix? Or seasonal?

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