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Using Wildflowers in Your Memorial Garden

There are hundreds of varieties of flowers to choose from when building a memorial garden for your loved one. When thinking about what kind to use, it’s important to consider your loved one’s personality. Was your loved one a fan of nature who would enjoy wildflowers? Any memorial garden can be a nature reserve in itself. However, wildflowers can add an extra dimension. Consider these benefits.

Local flare

If your loved one was particularly fond of her hometown or community, wildflowers may be a good choice. Using recognizable local wildflowers will reflect her community pride. Consider your area. Is there a particular flower that grows very well? Is there a flower that you see growing along the roadside everywhere you look? Do some research and find those wildflowers that are well-suited to the community and go with those.

Free-form design

Was your loved one a very structured person, or more of a free-wheeling spirit? There is an appeal to a highly organized garden. However, for those looking for a more wild, natural look, less detailed planning might also be beneficial. Scattering wildflower seeds can create an intricate tapestry instead of a planned out sectional garden.

Find several species of wildflower that grow well together. Take the seeds and mix them together. Then scatter them by broadcasting them in your new memorial garden. As the wildflowers grow, a beautiful swirl of colors will emerge.

Local ecosystem

There are also benefits to your area when you use wildflowers. Using local varieties of wildflowers helps strengthen the surrounding ecosystem. Wildflowers are also excellent for attracting pollinators. Bees, butterflies, beetles, and other insects and animals will come to your garden for the nectar and pollen they produce.

They will then carry pollen around the surrounding environment, promoting even more natural growth. If you’re considering a fruit tree or bush in your memorial garden or surrounding area, they will benefit greatly from this pollination cycle.

Every memorial garden is a chance to reflect on our loved one’s personality. Using wildflowers in creative ways can be an excellent way of sharing that personality with those around you.

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