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What to Do When You Lose Someone You Love

Losing someone you love can be a difficult pill to swallow. No matter what the circumstances, grieving a loss is one of the hardest things to know how to do. When these terrible times come upon you, there are some things you can do to help yourself with the process.


Build a Support System

Having a support system in place is very important to the grieving process. This group should be made up of family members, friends, and other people that are on the outside. Be sure that you create a diversified group of people to talk to about your feelings. Surrounding yourself with immediate family is very important. Even though you are all mourning the loss, you have a common ground with one another. Relying on close friends is another important thing to do. Even if they do not understand your losses, they understand who you are. They have been with you during the happy times and will stay loyal to you during the hard times. It is also important to talk with people that are not connected with your family. These would be individuals that have experienced losses of their own. It is always good to have another perspective.


Establishing a Memorial

A vital step in the grieving process is to be sure you memorialize your loved one in some way or another. It might be easy to feel tempted to try and not think about them, but in reality, they will be all you think about. Instead of trying to push away thoughts so that you can move on, create a way to memorialize them. This way, you have remembrances of them during the hard days.


Consider a Memorial Garden

There are so many different ways that you can remember your lost loved one. One of the ways to do that is by creating a memorial garden. This is a garden spot that you can retreat to and enjoy time away from the world. Place benches, memorial stones, and a variety of plant life in strategic places within the garden. With this area set up, you and others have a place to reconnect with the person you have lossed.

When you experience this type of devastation, you should allow yourself patience while going through the process.

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