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A Memorial In The Chelsea Gardens

This year at the Chelsea Gardens in the UK, viewers are getting a special treat. John Everiss built a memorial for his father in the spot he was given. His plot is under a weeping willow tree that suits his idea.

A Garden Designed as a Memorial to His Father

Everiss designed the garden to represent key parts of his father’s history. His father, Stan, was saved by members of the French resistance after he parachuted into occupied France from his burning plane.

When he landed, he crushed several vertebrae from the fall. He could not walk or stand without pain. Locals in the region saved Stan and for that reason, their names have been written on a memorial stone in the garden. Without the aid of these individuals, Stan wouldn’t have made it home.

Scouring For Materials

As part of the memorial, he erected a bombed-out church and created a wire sculpture of his father to set in the corner.

To put together all of the aspects of his garden, Everiss scoured many places to find the materials he needed. He used reclaimed stone, the timbers from a lock gate, stone that was cut from a demolished church, and  derelict mill to name a few.

He is one of several gardeners that were featured for their work in the Chelsea gardens. You can take a look at the pictures from the event and the other gardeners HERE.

Memorial Gardens Bring Remembrance

Creating a memorial garden for a loved one is a great way to remember them and feel close even after their death. For Everiss, this memorial tells a story to the world about the trials his father went through.

Not only is it a story of his dad, but of the brave people from the French resistance that chose to save his life. Raymond Berrau was an 18 year old that put Stan in a wheelbarrow and moved him to a hiding place. That young man died 2 years later in a concentration camp.
Remembering those that have made a difference in your life is a very important thing to do when you are walking down the road to healing. This man’s story is a beautiful reminder of how a memorial garden can be used to honour a loved one.

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