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Beloved Frankfort Man is Honoured With Memorial Garden

In April of 2014, L. Goebel Patton passed away at a ripe old age of 100. He was a beloved member of the West Frankfort area in Illinois. His motto was that service is the rent that we owe for the space we occupy. He did serve, and because of that, people wanted to honour his memory.

Frankfort High School Beta Club Planted a Memorial Garden

Mr. Patton was on staff at Frankfort High school in many different roles. He was a beloved man by the students. After his passing, they decided that it was a great idea to plant a memorial garden in his memory.

This incredible individual always went above and beyond what was expected of him in life. His servanthood is remembered by the people that attend the high school.

Where Was the Memorial Garden Planted?

It was important to the Beta Club to make sure that the flowers were seen by all that visited the school. That is why they planted the memorial garden out in the front of the building. It is the first sight that they wanted anyone to see as they pull up.

Mr. Patton was a man that was front and center of school life for so long, that it only makes sense to have the garden out in the front.

What Did The Beta Club Plant in Patton’s Honour?

Fertile dirt was added to the spot in which the garden was to be planted. They also were given pavers by Earthworks, a local organization. The group started by putting down a solid layer of dirt. Then they outlined it with brick pavers.

Once the ground was ready for planting, they planted some hearty flowers that would bloom in full glory. They started with a several mum plants. These flowers come back year after year without any coaxing.

Also, they planted hostas, which is another plant that comes back on its own. Lilies made it into the garden as well. They made a beautiful area for in honour of a beloved man.

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Planting a memorial garden and placing bespoke stones around the area is a wonderful way to memorialize your loved one. What a suitable idea that the Beta Club chose to honour this man in a way that gave back to the community, since that is what he spent his life doing.

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