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Cinder Block Memorial Gardens

Phoenix Garden Memorials knows that the grieving process of a loved one takes time.  There are many stages and eventually most people come to the place of wanting to honor their family member or friend with a memorial. We can help you with this important aspect as you heal.  Memorials are a beautiful way to show your continued love for the one you’ve lost.

Memorials are Important

Memorials are any object such as a sculpture, garden or landmark that focuses on the memory of someone.  How precious to add a memorial or garden to your home or at a special place that will help you reflect on fond memories.

Memorials are often unique with character and beauty that resemble the person that passed away.  We’ve seen families select the favorite colors, designs and garden attributes of their loved one.

Variety of Styles

There are many styles and tastes when it comes to memorials.  Gardens are quite popular because they are natural and lovely.  Adding cinderblocks to these memorials is a great way to create uniqueness as you design a space that helps you remember your loved one.

  1. Cinderblock Memorial Gardens

Phoenix Garden Memorials has noticed that families often like to make a cinderblock memorial garden.  This is a unique style that ads a simple cinderblock with as a way to showcase beautiful flowers and plants.  Click here for an attractive cinderblock memorial garden that will enable you to visualize a great example.

  1. Basic Garden Space

Memorials can be put into a basic garden.  You could line the garden space with cinderblocks and even plant some flowers inside the cinderblocks for additional pops of color.  The blocks give definition to the memorial.  

Phoenix Garden Memorials is able to assist you as you work through this difficult time.  We are experts when it comes to designing, building and helping to install memorials.  

In fact, we are able to sell you garden memorials and would love to help you as you make decisions on what to create in honor of your loved one.  Please contact us and we will help you with your memorial garden and the grieving process.

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