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Facing the New Year in the Midst of Loss

Did you lose someone you love to death in the last year? If so, we know that you have celebrated the holidays without that loved one. What a difficult time it can be on holidays when a precious member of your family has passed away.

Facing the New Year Without a Member of Your Family

The coming year is sure to bring you many challenges as you learn to accept life without your loved one by your side. It can seem that when those around you are looking to the year ahead with hopes and joy, you are only seeing the lonely days ahead of you.

Here are some ways you can go down the road of healing.

Take up a Hobby or Activity

It is a good idea to take up a hobby or new activity after a loss. You can choose something that will honour your loved one’s memory. Maybe you can become passionate about something they enjoyed. Or you can take a class that they would have loved to take with you. Instead of shutting out the memory of your loved one, embrace the memories in everything you do.

Plant a Memorial Garden

The spring is not too far off. What better way to honour your loved one’s memory? You can put together a memorial garden with bespoke memorial stones. This will help those that are left behind to be reminded of their memories of the loved one.

Celebrate Their Birthday

On your loved one’s birthday, you can still celebrate. You can hold a party in their honour or do something on a smaller scale. Consider going to a restaurant that you both enjoyed. You could plan an outing that they would have liked to do.

When you lose someone that you love, it is best to celebrate the life they lived. Honour them in all the things you do. Remember them in your life by talking about them and doing activities they would have appreciated. It is in these ways that you can walk down the road of healing in the year to come.

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