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Healing from Memorial Gardens

Phoenix Garden Memorials is familiar with the grief process as they have helped customers work through the difficulties that follow losing a loved one. One thing that we suggest is to remember those that have passed away in some unique, special fashion. We encourage everyone to work through their pain and hurt as they need to, and our goal is to assist with the process.

Memorials Provide Healing

There is a bit of healing in creating a memorial to remember someone by. Adding a memorial garden to your home allows you to reflect on the good memories of your loved one. Memorials are often unique with character and beauty that resemble the person that passed away.  

Need for a Sculptor

The Aberdeen City Council recently began to search for an artist or sculptor to create a memorial garden for the families that suffered because of the Aberdeen Crematorium’s bad practices. They did not handle the ashes of those that had passed correctly. In the process, they hurt their relatives that came to collect the ashes.

Aberdeen City Council wants to be sure that these people are remembered and that their relatives are able to have a special sculpture and memorial garden to remember them by. They are on a search to find the right person for the task. Interviews will be conducted and a decision made soon so the work can begin.  

Phoenix Garden Memorials believes that this is a fantastic idea. What a wonderful way to right a wrong by trying to bring some healing and comfort to a difficult situation.

We’re here to help

We are available to assist with a memorial garden or sculpture for you. If you have a loved one that has passed, then a memorial that exemplifies them in some way would be a nice addition to your garden, backyard or flower beds. We believe that a loss is tough but the memory of the person can live in just like in the Aberdeen City Council example.

Feel free to contact us and we will discuss options that would be a good fit for your memorial. What a wonderful way to celebrate your loved one continuously.

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