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Joy from Garden Memorials

Phoenix Garden Memorials wants to assist grieving families. We are familiar with the pain and hurt that is associated with the loss of a loved one.

Over time, people decide that they’d like to honor their family member or friend with a memorial. Garden memorials are popular ways to pay a tribute to someone you care about.

We can help you with this memorial as you continue to heal. What a beautiful way to celebrate the life that has passed with new life of a planted garden memorial.

Garden Memorials Are Celebratory

One family chose to remember their husband and father by enjoying a meal near a garden. They were deciding where to place his memorial stone. Jean-Francois was a sailor and missed so much by his family.

They had placed his memorial at another spot previously. When they made the change, they decided to surround his stone with plants, scented thyme, magenta Lychinis and other plants that Jean would have liked. They set it in a gravel area to help showcase the memorial.

Variety of Options

Often people go with a garden memorial because they are able to have so many options. For example, we’ve seen families add a bench or bistro table set to create a place to visit. We have seen birdhouses and birdbaths that are a joy to watch as people sit and remember their loved one.

Plants and flowers can be diverse and add pleasant colors and scents to the memorial stone selected for the garden space.

Phoenix Garden Memorials wants to help you should need assistance deciding on your family member’s memorial. We can help you through the grieving process and allow you to work through the many emotions that come with loss. Memorial gardens are a special and unique way to celebrate life and honor the one that you miss so much.

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