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Las Vegas Mourns Deaths With A Memorial Garden

The strip on Las Vegas no longer shows evidence of the tragic and largest mass shooting in the United States. On October 1, 2017, fifty-eight people were killed while attending an outdoor country music festival. At the time of the incident, mourners and those who survived the ordeal set up makeshift memorials around the city. They brought pictures, flowers, and personal items of their loved ones.

The items from the makeshift memorials were gathered, saved and used for a new memorial. One of the areas has been turned into a memorial park where family and friends can find solace and a space to remember. An area that was once going to be used for a dog park has now been turned into a beautiful memorial garden in remembrance of the victims.

Finding Solace in Remembering

The memorial garden has a live oak tree symbolizing life and fifty-eight additional trees, one tree representing each person that died. The park also includes a calming water fountain and a blue stone sculpture of angel wings with the initials of each victim. On the first anniversary following the shooting volunteers brought flowers to plant; someone played soft music on their guitar.

The mother of one of the victims said, “It gave me a space to talk with him, and he is there with his angels.” While she visits the park she meets family members of other victims and enjoys having the opportunity to talk about her son and hear them talk about the person they lost.

People walk in the garden and spend time at the tree representing those they cared for. Some of the trees have been decorated with a picture of their loved one or other mementos. Having the opportunity to spend time at the park has helped many to move from anger to finding a healing peace remembering those lost.

From Makeshift to a Permanent Memorial

Over 15,000 items were collected from the original makeshift memorials. Items included not only pictures of their loved ones, but things such as cowboy boots, flags, and flowers. The items have been cataloged and organized for a permanent memorial to be built in Las Vegas later. In the meantime, the memorial garden serves as a place to gather, remember, and heal.

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