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A Memorial Service in Honour of Organ Donors

Memorial gardens are a great way to honor those that have passed on. In Scotland, the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh was created for individuals that donated organs to save others lives. In their death, they brought life to others.


Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The garden was laid out and created by Alec Finlay, a garden artist. St. John Scotland along with the NHS Blood and Transport organization put the service together to honour the families. These people allowed their loved ones to save the lives of those that were in desperate need of a transplant.


Medals Were Presented at the Memorial Service

The day of the memorial, 160 people attended the event. At the service in September of 2014, 50 families were given the St. John Scotland Award medal. These bespoke medals were engraved with “Add life, give hope”.


The Service Reminds Families of The Life They Gave

Death is not an easy thing for any family to cope with. Choosing to allow a loved one to become an organ donor is not a simple decision. Some families make the choice after their loved one has passed. Others have the vital conversation prior to the tragic event.

The director of the organ donation and transplant services at NHS Blood and Transplant attended the memorial. She says that she has yet to meet a family that regretted the decision to donate organs of their family member.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.


Knowing That People’s Lives Are Saved Brings Peace

When a family member dies, the loss is tragic. There is a long process in which a person has to go through in order to feel at peace with their loss. Donating the organs of their loved one gives them the chance to save a life, even in the midst of death.

The individual that passes on can live again, in another person. This act of kindness brings great peace to the hearts of the family that is left behind.

If you haven’t had talked with your family about being an organ donor, now is the time to do so. It is a difficult decision for your loved ones to make when you are gone. Give them the heads up to your wishes so they don’t have to decide for you.

Here at Phoenix Memorial Garden, we specialize in helping people with memorializing their loved ones. If you are in the United Kingdom, we can help you. Please feel free to contact us with any concern you may have.


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