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Why You Need a Memorial Garden to Honour Your Loved One

Phoenix Memorial Gardens embraces families as they struggle with the loss of a loved one.  We are able to help you as you grieve and be a resource as you work through this difficult time.  We are known to help people and lighten the emotional load they carry.  

Often families that are dealing with loss want to add a memorial to show their continued love and care for their loved one.  Memorial gardens are an excellent and beautiful way to showcase the memory of someone that has passed away.  Check out these reasons to consider a memorial garden.

Reasons to Consider a Memorial Garden:

1. Versatility

Gardens are attractive, eye-catching and memorable.  Memorial gardens are an excellent way to add a beautiful touch to the memory of someone that has passed away.  

They are versatile and can be created to the tastes of the one installing the garden while adding touches that resemble the preferences of the deceased person it commemorates.  

Examples of the many aspects to add to the garden:

  • Bird feeders
  • Sculptures
  • Statues
  • Plaques
  • Special rocks
  • Sitting areas
  • Fences
  • Plants and flowers

2. Conversation Piece

Memorial gardens serve as a great way to share with others about your loved one.  They enable you to tell others about the memories of the person the garden represents.   

These gardens quickly become a topic of conversation when someone visits your home.  We’ve seen families continue to heal as they talk about and remember the one that passed away in special ways.  

3. Great for Landscaping

A memorial garden, such as this, is not only special to one that adds it to their home, but it makes for beautiful landscaping.  You have the option to add anything to your home as far as plants and flowers.  However, people have found that they get to add to the beauty of their home and celebrate a loved one at the same time.  

Phoenix Garden Memorial would be happy to assist you with a memorial garden.  We sell a variety of garden memorials and can help you with a unique design that will showcase your loved one in a great way.

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