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Where Should You Place a Sundial in Your Memorial Garden

Memorial gardens are a great way to remember a loved one that has passed on. Many people chose to put together a living remembrance of the life that once resided on this earth. There are many things to consider when setting up a garden. If you are choosing to put a sundial in your garden, here are some tips to help you place it right.

Understand the Type of Sundial You Have

Not all sundials are the same and will require different considerations when placing. There are two main types of sundials.


  • Azimuth dials that determine the time based off of the angle of the sun. This type of dial normally has a magnetic compass as part of the design.
  • Altitude dials tell the time based off of the sun’s altitude. This type of dial must be correctly positioned to a compass directions or lined up with the sun.

Determine the Direction of True North

All sundials need to face north, but not just north, true north. The style, regardless of shape or size, needs to be aligned with the Earth’s axis. True north is not the same as the north magnetic pole. Instead it is the direction of the north celestial pole.

Know Where The Sundial Was Manufactured

If a sundial was made where you live, then the axis is probably adjusted to your location. However, if you have purchased the device in another region of the world, you will have to set the gnomon yourself.

Understand Sun Time is Different Than Clock Time

Depending on the month, your sundial will tell you a different time than your clock. The sun will tell a time ahead of your watch in the months of April to June. It will tell an earlier time in the months of September to December.

Decide if You Want a Sundial for Ornamental or Functional Purposes

If you do not want to tell time with your sundial, then it will not matter how or where you place it. In the case of desiring an ornamental piece, choose a prominent place in your memorial garden to display its beauty.

Memorial gardens are a wonderful place to get away from the world and reconnect with your loved one.

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