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Why do We Closely Associate Garden Memorials With Veterans

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the words: memorial garden? For me, I think of war memorials. Why do we associate those words with veterans or war memorials?

Most Common Memorial Gardens Are For Veterans

The most common types of memorial gardens are for veterans and war heros. These public spaces are often put together by the community or other organizations.

I think we often associate memorial gardens as war memorials because that is what you see the most.

Garden Memorials For Other Reasons

Just because we so closely associate the two, doesn’t meant that garden memorials are only for veterans and war. Many people are moving to creating these green spaces in their home and communities for other reasons.

The Different Reasons For Gardens

Here at Phoenix Garden Memorials, we see a lot of people build these special spaces for many reasons. Some of those things include:

  • Honouring a loved one
  • A place to house a family member’s ashes
  • Remembering an important member of the community
  • Public space for others to enjoy

You don’t have to make a place like this just for the sake of veterans, although those memorials are very important.

What to Place In The Green Space

Some people do not put together a garden, because they do not know what to put in the green space.

What we suggest is:

  • Trees for shade
  • Bespoke memorial stone or garden urn for remembrance
  • Flowers that grow each season
  • Bench or chair for sitting
  • Wind chimes to bring a peaceful sound

These are just a few of the things you can place in your area. When putting together a spot, make it functional, but with the things you find to be most important.

For example, if you want to sit in your area, you need a place to do that. You will want shade if you plan to stay out in the heat of the day. These are a few things to think through.

Gardens make a great spot for reflection and remembering those that have gone on before. It is so important to give yourself a place to grieve.

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