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World War I Memorial on The Front Lawn

Patrick White created a war heroes memorial in his front yard. His dedication to remembering the lives of soldiers is moving to say the least. He is a man that is committed to reminding the world of the price of freedom.


Remembering World War I Heroes

White lives in a small area. When the town was founded, there were no more than 100 people living inside its limits. During the war, 19 men lost their lives. What a huge hit that town took during that time.

White decided to make a memorial to each of the men. With a friend, he made 19 crosses. It took him more than a day to build and paint all of the memorials.

Once he painted the crosses, he wrote the names of each service member across the bar. He then placed a single poppy next to the name.

The entire town is thankful to him for the memorial he made in honour of the fallen war heroes. He found the whole process to be eye opening. Each cross he formed became a real person in his mind.

You can read the rest of the story here.


Why is It Important to Memorialize War Heroes

As part of our history, it is important to remember those that fought to give us our freedom. What we enjoy today is directly due to what others have done before us. In order to preserve our heritage, we must remember what happened in the past.


Memorials Bring Remembrance

When people pass by the memorial that is on White’s lawn, they will be reminded of World War I. Those moments in history shaped the world we know today. Bespoke memorial stones keep the events fresh in our minds.

Memorials are not just for the here and now. Generations to come must know how they got here. It is our duty to leave behind a way generations to follow can learn. White is doing his part in this process by reminding us here and now of the sacrifices.

What will you do to pass down our heritage?

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