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Aberdeen City Council addresses crematorium scandal

Phoenix Memorial Gardens goes alongside our customers as they work through the many of the emotions that are experienced after the loss of a loved one.  We help you through the stages of grief and provide support as needed. Phoenix Memorial Gardens takes pleasure in lightening the load of those that seek our company out.

Hurting families often take joy in creating a memorial for someone that has passed away. We strongly suggest a memorial garden or sculpture to dedicate to the memory of the one you’ve lost.

We read a recent story about a sculpture that was being added to a park in special memory of those whose ashes were not handled properly.

Aberdeen Crematorium Scandal

The scandal that occurred was investigated on the national level. Authorities found that the ashes of babies had been mixed in with adults at Hazlehead Crematorium before being given to the family members of the adults. Many parents didn’t get any ashes from their babies.

Local authorities decided to take action and assist these grieving families in a special and memorable way.

Commission for a New Sculpture

Aberdeen City Council wanted to have a new sculpture created and put in a memorial garden after the Aberdeen Crematorium scandal. They began to look for a sculptor to help design something for the memorial garden that would honor those that were hurt by the poor choices made by the crematorium. Due to the scandal, they were called “unethical and abhorrent.”

The great news is that the memorial garden and sculpture were decided upon and used as a way to remember the babies and their relatives.

Phoenix Memorial Gardens believes that this tough story has a truly great ending in that the wrong was made better by the course of action to remember those passed away and their grieving families.

Our team would love to assist you with any needs or questions that you may have about a sculpture or memorial garden. We are here to help you during the grief process and want you to feel secure in the decisions and choices you make as you seek to honor your loved one.

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