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College Students Honor Late Classmates With Garden

A group of college students gathered to pay tribute to their late classmates last November. College students of the University of Virginia wanted to honor dear classmates and friends who died during their time at the University. A memorial garden was the best way to remember these lives and promote healing in the community.

An Idea For a Tribute

Many students have attended the University of Virginia and some have died while still in attendance. The idea for a memorial garden grew from a tragedy that took place in 2014. A young college woman was murdered while only in the second year of her college career.

Many students made a temporary memorial for her on campus but as time passed, students wanted a more permanent fixture. Student council members appealed to the college administration for a permanent place to put up a garden sculpture to remember the deaths of their classmates.

Administration Begins The Garden Construction

Administration staff and many college students located the site and began planning the layout and design of the memorial garden. Workers constructed the location near the campus library. The funds for this project were donated by local establishments and sponsors.

Caroline Herre, a student representative, worked together with a number of other students to raise the necessary funds and design the garden’s features. Herre used her degree in urban planning to create work out the designs and place an intimate touch to the garden.

A Garden is a Place For Healing

A Remembrance Wall stands in the back of the garden as a source of healing for students. Those who want to can write messages on the wall and place personal memorials for the deceased students. Plaques, remembering the students’ deaths are also on the wall.

The university hopes the garden will serve as a place of healing and reflection for those who visit.

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