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Didcot Community Hospital Opens Memorial Garden

Putting together a memorial garden in honour of a lost loved one or respected community member is an appropriate way to remember them. That is exactly what Didcot Community Hospital in Oxfordshire did for Nurse Gail Castle who left this earth in December of 2014.

Gail Castle Helped Draw Up Plans For The Memorial Garden

This amazing nurse was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She was told that she would have up to another five years before the disease would take her life. Unfortunately, after a short two months, she passed away.

Prior to her death, she helped to draw up the plans for the sensory garden at Didcot Community Hospital. She was not able to see it to completion, but had a hand in its creation.

Memorials In Honour Of Gail

Gail’s husband was able to attend the opening ceremony of the memorial garden with his two children. He was so thankful to see how much time and effort was put into the creation of the space.

He particularly liked the personal touches that they put together in honour of Gail. For example, he said that she kept chickens at home. In the garden, you will see statues of chickens to remind others of her memory.

Memorial Garden Funded By Department of Health and OCC

The Department of Health teamed up with Oxfordshire County Council to pay for the cost of constructing the memorial space.

This garden will be a huge asset to the patients of the hospital. There are a few raised gardens that would allow elder patients to reach in order to do some gardening.

It is such a blessing to those that are there long term to have a nice place to be. Also, it makes for a great place for visiting family members to come for fresh air.

Putting together a memorial garden in honour of a lost loved one is a wonderful way to give back to the world around you. It is a great to add beauty to our world in this way.
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