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Family Members Scatter Ashes On Golf Course

When a loved one passes on, the family looks for ways in which they can memorialize the individual. It is their way of keeping their memory alive and fresh in their minds. Memorial gardens are a common thing, but what about on the golf course?

Golf Courses Making Way For Garden Memorials

It started in 1937 when the family of Charles Beach had his ashes spread across four golf courses he founded. The Olympia Fields Country Club is located south of Chicago. It was only natural for him to desire to be laid to rest in this place.

Charles Beach Started The Trend

Even though Beach was referred to as a crazy uncle in the attic by the historian, Robert Topel, he started a tradition at the Olympia Fields Country Club. Ever since then, golf enthusiasts have requested their family spread their ashes on the greens.

The director of the golf course, Brian Morrison, has already instructed his family where they should spread his ashes. His favorite place on earth is the upper left hand corner of the 14th green.

Many Members Already Scattered

Morrison says that many of the country club’s members have already had their ashes scattered across the courses. These people want to be laid to rest in a place that gave them comfort while they are still living.

You can read more about this golf course HERE.

Other Golf Courses Are Home To Scattered Ashes

This is not the only golf course in the world that has had member’s laid to rest. These golf courses do not necessarily condone these ceremonies, but do not have the choice when planes fly by dropping ashes.

There is a golf course on Long Island that has had hundreds of people’s ashes spread across the greens. It is not permitted, but they have done nothing to stop the ceremonies.
Many people chose to be cremated these days for one reason or another. It is not uncommon for family members to find ways to scatter the ashes of their loved ones where they have been requested.

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