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Historic memorial garden facing modern blight

In 1924 and 1926, local philanthropists donated two plots of land to the care of the Ashford Borough Council to commemorate the fallen of World War I. Since then, it has served as a peaceful green space that not only reminds residents of its past heroes but also a quiet place to enjoy an afternoon. Recently, according to Kent Online, a modern blight has become an increasing eye-sore, disrupting the peaceful scene and disrespecting veterans.

Litter increasing

Local citizens have noticed a considerable increase in litter in the previously pristine memorial garden. The space is often as a place for an outdoor break or lunch. As a result, most of the trash consists of food and drink containers like plastic bottles and wrappers. The amount of rubbish is so great, it’s becoming difficult for the gardeners to keep up with.

Students suspected

Many people in the area believe that students from nearby Ashford College may be to blame for the littering. The new school opened in September and there has been a marked increase in litter on the memorial grounds. The administration stresses that they’re working in conjunction with the borough council to cut back on this public nuisance.

Temporary solutions

There are several moves underway to provide immediate relief ahead of the upcoming service of remembrance. Ashford College is reminding students to help keep the area beautiful by using the bins in the garden. They also have a group of students that regularly collects litter as part of an environmental unit in the course of study.

The local Royal British Legion is doing its part as well. They are coordinating with the college, council, and even the gardening staff to make sure the area is in order for the remembrance service. Local leaders believe that the rubbish can all be sorted in time for the service.

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