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Mom Rebuilds Memorial For Her Stillborn Child

It is so heartbreaking to hear of infant deaths. Those precious lives are so innocent and fragile. Viky Evans, the sweet mom to Kyle, had to rebuild her memorial garden after a work crew had left it in shambles.

The Wales and West Housing Association apologised for how they left a mess on Viky’s patio. While it was hard for her to see the disrespect from the work crews, she and her husband were able to take the opportunity to build a better garden memorial for their lost baby boy.

Tending The Garden Allows Them To Feel Connected to Kyle

Just like it is a lot of work to take care of a new baby, it is a lot of work to keep a garden going. Viky has chosen to put time and energy into creating this beautiful space and watching it grow, just as she would if she was able to take care of Kyle.

Memorial Gardens Provide Relief

Viky has struggled with post traumatic stress disorder since the stillbirth of her son. One of the ways she has dealt with the anxiety and grief that was left, she has chosen to focus on building the garden. It has provided her with so much relief and allowed her to go through the healing process.

Expanding The Memorial Has Brought Them Joy

Working with a professional gardener and putting in her own time and energy, Viky and her husband Alan have been able to create an even more serene place. She has windchimes, lawn ornaments, flowers, and other relics to memorialize their son.

This project has provided a way for their older children to stay close to their brother, whom they never experienced life with. As a family, they have a way to remember this precious child that lives among the heavens now.

Phoenix Garden Memorials Offers Lawn Ornaments and Urns

Putting together a garden memorial is a wonderful way to help yourself heal after the loss of a loved one. If you are putting together a space for your loved one, be sure to browse through our selection of urns and memorial stones.

Contact us if you have questions. We would love to hear from you.


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