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Mortonhall Memorial Garden is a Place For Grieving Parents

Back in December of 2012, the Edinburgh Evening News released a story that parents were being told that there were no remains from their small babies that were miscarried or lost. The facility took it upon themselves to scatter the ashes without the parent’s knowledge.

These practices have been taking place from 1967 to 2011. It wasn’t until 2013 when Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini headed up an investigation about the situation.

Grieving Parents Receive Compensation

The parents are expected to receive at least 1000 pounds. In some cases, the parents might receive closer to 4000 pounds depending on time off from work and serious stress caused by the practice.

Mortonhall Builds a Memorial

In addition to the monetary compensations they are due to receive, there is a garden memorial that has been developed for grieving parents to visit. The design of the garden was chosen by the family members from 4 different designs.

It is hoped that those who have lost loved ones will be able to have one more step in the mourning process taken. The parents of these precious souls will have a serene place to come and grieve their losses.

A Garden Plaque Will Be Erected

There will be a garden plaque with the names of each individual baby will be found in the area. In addition to that, they plan to plant birch trees and beech hedges.

A stone ball water feature will be placed in the garden with seating around it. This will make for a the perfect place for those that come to think.

What a burden will be lifted off of these people’s shoulders knowing that their littles ones are resting peacefully and they have a place to visit them.

To read more about the story, check it out here.

Phoenix Garden Memorials Offers Resources

It is our goal to offer you the resources you need to create your own space for grieving the loss of your loved one. If you have need of bespoke stones, urns, or other garden items, be sure to check out our gallery.

We can help you create the perfect place to gather your thoughts and walk through the mourning process.

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