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The Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust Garden Due to Open in 2016

Here at Phoenix Garden Memorials, we strive to bring you helps and ideas for your memorial garden. When you lose someone you love, putting together a green space is a wonderful way to honour them.

You are no doubt familiar with public memorial gardens. These areas are open to all those that want to come and remember those that have gone on before.

In Lincolnshire, they have reached out to the horticulture industry to help them put together the Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust Garden.

The Trust is Working to Find Supplies

The trust is searching their contacts to secure plants and hard landscaping pieces. Plans have been made and mapped to establish the garden.

If you would like to see the plans for it, be sure to check out this link . There is a picture of the proposed plans in that article.  

Components of the Memorial Garden

Since it is a war memorial, there will be many different components that make it up. You can expect to see a:

  • Chadwick Centre
  • Memorial Spire
  • Bomber Command Archive
  • 4ha International Peace Garden

These different parts of the garden will feature those that are being memorialized by the town.

Plans Of Completion

The garden will be put together in stages. Something of this magnitude will take a while to see completed. Right now, they are hoping to unveil part of the area on the 21st day of April. This will show the floral bulb mosaic that is was planted outside of the Lincoln Cathedral.

In June, they are planning to have the first phase of the project completed. This is to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the ending of WW2.

You can expect the gardens to be open to the public in June of 2016. Right now, the plants that were put in the ground in September are not due to bloom until as early as April.

This area is very large and has plenty of places for people to walk around. It will mean a lot to the families and members of the community to see their loved ones memorialized in this way.

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