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Vandalism at the Northe Gardens in Weymouth

It is unfortunate to hear that more than 40 trees that have been donated in honour of loved ones, have been vandalised at Dorset Park. These trees at the Northe Gardens, in Weymouth may not survive due to the extensive damage that has been done to them.

Vandalism at Northe Gardens

The vandalism at the Northe Gardens took place between 29 August and 6 November. The police investigated the situation and has determined that there have been four separate incidents where the trees were damaged.

It was determined that there were many deliberate cuts to the base of the trees, which has caused a tremendous amount of damage to the trunks.

Andy Blackwood Speaks About the Damage

Andy Blackwood is a spokesperson from the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council. He said that this vandalism is completely shocking to him and those from the council. What is so sad about the event, is that many of these trees were given in honour of the death of their loved ones.

Some of the trees were given over 20 years ago. This is a true loss for the park and an insult to the family members’ of the lost loved ones.

It is very obvious that these trees are memorials placed in honour of those that have passed on. Each tree tells a story by its bespoke plaques. To attack these trees, knowing of the heritage, is truly a callous move on the part of the vandals.

The Council Will Inform Family Members

The council has decided that they will write to each of the families that have memorial plaques in the park to let them know of the vandals. It will not be easy to break that news, but they know that the families need to be informed of what has happened.

The investigations have not come to a close. With the ongoing investigations, it is hopeful that the vandals will be caught.

You can read more about this news story here.

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