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Widnes Cemetery Turfs Over Place For Scattering Ashes

Many people choose to scatter ashes of their loved ones as a way of remembering them. This can get a bit complicated at times depending on where a family is choosing to scatter their loved one. The Widnes Cemetery in Halton, recently made some changes that have affected family members that have used the gardens to scatter their loved ones ashes.

Widnes Cemetery Turfs Over Areas Designated For Scattering Ashes

In April of this year, the Halton Borough Council decided that a specific plot of the cemetery that was previously used for scattering ashes needs to be turfed over. The plan is to remove the memorial vases that were placed in honour of loved ones. Then they will uproot the rose beds and re-plant.

Their plan was to make a new location for scattering ashes somewhere towards the center of the cemetery. Grieving families are welcome to come to the spot to have their memorial services and lay their loved ones to rest.

Not Everyone is Happy By The Proposal

Barry Holland and his granddaughters represent one family that is not happy about the changes. His ex-wife and daughter have their remains scattered in the location that is to be ripped up. He also has a memorial vase in that location to honour their passing.

He brings his two young granddaughters to visit this spot on a regular basis. He is very unhappy that the council has decided to uproot the area where his loved ones are scattered.

To him, he feels the solution to create a new place for scattering ashes is not an acceptable option. He feels that it’s not ideal to have families pile their loved ones on top of one another. The ashes should be separate like they always have been.

The Halton Borough Council Disagrees

The council feels that their proposal is the best solution to the problem. There is no room left in the cemetery to give all families their own spot for scattering. That is why they have gone to the communal approach.

A member of the council pointed out that the families were never supposed to place memorial vases in the location. It just became a trend that others followed suite. While that worked for a time, a new solution must be made.

Holland is still angry about the changes and says he will not be bringing his granddaughters to the location after the changes are made.
You can read more about the story HERE.

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