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Memorial Stones

Garden memorial stone carved into

Garden memorial stone carved into

You should spend some time to consider the type of stone to memorialize the life of your departed loved one. Maybe you haven’t thought about how your stone will be a long lasting impression of the passing life. Building an area where you can go to reflect on the memories you once shared, can help you to understand the loss that you have suffered.

Memorial stones are a way of leaving a message to remember your loved one by. Generations to come will look at the memorial stone and be able to reflect on the life that has come and gone. Being able to leave this lasting impression on your children and their children will keep your mind at ease that legacy your loved one left behind will not be forgotten.


Establishing what kind of impression you want to leave will give direction when choosing a memorial stone. Maybe the person you are remembering was highly honoured and revered. They may best remembered by a magnificent piece of marble. If your loved one was more delicate and reserved, consider using a dappled granite memorial stone. A chiselled piece of rugged rock may best memorialize a down to earth person.

Why Local:

There are some great reasons to choose a local stone for your memorial garden. Stones that are native to your area can be a peaceful way of remembering your loved one. Enhancing the natural beauty of your garden with a stone that has been forged from the earth where you live brings the benefits long lasting beauty.

Choosing a local materials can reduce the cost of the memorial stone. When stones have been imported, the costs can be higher and it is certainly less environmentally friendly. This is also something to consider if you are on a limited budget.


Take your time in choosing the best stone to suite your memorial needs. The process in figuring out the right way to memorialize the passing life brings closure. The task of remembering the person that meant so much to you is a privilege. It does not need to be a burden, but more of a way to celebrate life. A memorial stone is the representation of your passed loved one and will help you walk down the road to healing.

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