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Turning Ashes Into Stone

Losing a loved one is a devastating time. The last thing you want to think about is what is laying them to rest in a cemetery. Even well maintained cemeteries still mean further separation from the one you love. Some people choose to find a way to bring the remains of their loved ones home with them.


The Fights Bring Home Their Baby In Elkhart

The couple was excited to find out about their pregnancy. It was five months into Carrie’s term that they learned of complications. Once she miscarried her precious little one, Matthew, the baby’s father, decided to figure out a way to bring her home.


Ashes Turned Into Stone

The couple sent off their daughter, Hope’s, ashes. They found a company that would mix the ashes into a memorial stone. Their stone weighed about 24 pounds and was in the shape of a rectangle.


Peace is Brought To The Family

The Fight family felt at peace with their decision. They knew they wanted to bring home their daughter any way they could. Having her ashes turned into a stone was the perfect solution.

You can read their full story HERE.

Memorial Gardens Are a Way to Remember

When you lose someone you love, finding a way to remember them is very important. It is a part of the mourning process. Planting a memorial garden on your property is a great way to keep your loved one close by.


How to Put Together a Memorial

When putting together a memorial garden, think about how you want to set it up. Make a walkway through the garden. Put the stone in a place where you can see it easily from different places in the area.


Turning ashes into stone is not the only way to keep ashes in the garden. Here at Phoenix Memorials, we specialise in urns and memorials. We are able to ship anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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