Companion Garden Sundials: Devon

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Companion Garden Sundials: Devon

Companion Garden Sundial: Devon. Stunning and unique, these hand carved limestone boulders are special in every sense. They are made from a distinct and beautiful limestone only found in South Devon – Stoneycombe limestone – which has rich tones and veins right through it.

They are individual, no two boulders are the same in shape or size, hand-cut to size with the top surface polished to a shine which reflects the light.

They tend to be about one metre in height and half a metre ‘square’ at the top. We can cut them to size within reason. They weigh between 200 -300kg.

They are hand-cored so the urns containing the ashes can be discreetly placed inside.

The stonemason is a skilled memorial artist and is able to carve an inscription if so desired (some additional cost).

The brass sundial seen on the main picture can be exchanged for an engraved bespoke one made by one of the most skilled sundial makers in the country, the 22cm sundial is calibrated to your location. Please see picture for options. This can also be inscribed please call or email for prices and more details.

They are crafted in the UK and can’t be bought anywhere else.

The Memorial Sundials are hand-made for you and as such the waiting time is around six – eight weeks. We will do our best to make a specific date if necessary but it will depend on the craftsmen’s schedules. If required we will supply a correctly sized urn free of charge. The sundial is fixed in place with a epoxy glue, these are shipped separately.

Delivery: On the checkout page delivery will be calculated to your UK address, this is the delivery price for a pallet to your driveway – you will need to arrange for the movement of the sundial from the driveway to your desired location in your garden. Alternatively you can collect the piece in person. 

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