Small Garden Memorials: Mini-Petal™

Mini-Petal™ Garden Memorial

  • Highest grade Stainless Steel Garden Memorial.
  • Holds half a set of adult ashes or a large pet.
  • Can come with you if you need to move house
  • Make in Devon, England
  • Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

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Small Garden Memorials: Mini-Petal™

Small Garden Memorials. This is a smaller version of our standard Petal™ Garden Sculpture.  It will hold half a set of adult ashes or a large pet. It has the same flower-like representation. Each petal reflects the sunlight with stunning beauty. It will work well anywhere in your garden. It has a subtle design which means that the ashes are kept on full display but nobody knows what they are.

The Petal has a 150mm sphere that holds the ashes, which in addition to enhancing the design, is also a unique and beautiful receptacle to securely hold the cremated ashes within the Petal.

These sculptures are made from 316 its marine grade stainless steel, handmade by British craftsmen here in the UK.

What size is this garden memorial?

Height 47cm / 18.5″

Width 38cm / 15″,

Weight 0.5 kgs / 7 lbs

How much ashes will it hold?

The Mini-Petal™ will hold half a set of adult ashes. But is also perfect for pets.

If you need a garden sculpture that will hold a full set of ashes or a much larger pet our Petal is perfect.

Our companion Petal Memorial Garden Sculpture, will hold two sets of ashes within a steel base and the Petal is then mounted on top.  The perfect memorial for keeping two of your loved ones together forever.

Can I move my Garden Memorial?

You can bury ashes in the garden but it can be extremely stressful if you ever have to move house. Our garden memorial can be moved with you if you ever have to move home.

Is it a good idea to keep ashes in the garden?

Housing cremated ashes in a garden sculpture is a fantastic idea and these contemporary sculptures are stylish and elegant.  Keeping the ashes in the garden in one of these stunning design can act as a focal point, that is beautiful and discreet.


For an additional charge you can have an engraved plaque fitted to the sculpture, simply select ‘Plaque – Selected Font‘ from the plaque option and fill in the box below with the wording you would like (including capitals and any punctuation).  The plaque is 3″ wide by 2″ in height and can comfortably take around four lines of text.
Fonts available for the plaque:

Please allow 8 to 12 weeks from placing an order to delivery.

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